Empowering the spirit of Kho Kho across Asia

We are delighted to introduce you to the official website of the Asian Kho Kho Federation. As the governing body for Kho Kho in the Asian region, our mission is to promote, develop, and elevate the ancient sport of Kho Kho to new heights of excellence and popularity.

Our Vision

At the Asian Kho Kho Federation, we envision a vibrant Kho Kho community across Asia, where the sport is widely recognized, appreciated, and played at all levels. We aim to create a platform that nurtures talent, fosters sportsmanship, and celebrates the rich cultural heritage associated with Kho Kho.

Executive Board

Rajeev Mehta
Rajeev MehtaPresident
Rani Tiwari
Rani TiwariSecretary general

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